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DetaolB v0.1

DetaolB aims to be a "much-less-than-a-floppy" x86 linux live distro.

Version 0.1 was released May 22nd, 2007 with the following files:

  1. detaolb_v01.iso: this is a simple ISO file to try out inside Qemu

Current limited features list:

  • linux 2.6.21: initramfs, /proc/config.gz, miniconfig approach
  • no module support, no ide support: it's meant to stay in ram for testing
  • busybox static: dyn uclibc 0.9.29 version to come soon
  • root has no password: just try it out!

Future evilish plans:

  • aufs + squashfs: possibility to load extra modules on the fly
  • uclibc 0.9.29
  • Rob Landley's tcc fork: truly able to link with uclibc *rocks*