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DetaolB v0.2
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DetaolB aims to be a "much-less-than-a-floppy" x86 linux live distro.

Version 0.2 was released May 24th, 2007 with the following files:

  1. cdrom.exe: 7-zip sfx of Qemu 0.9.0 for Windows users (optional)
  2. detaolb_v02.iso: iso file you can burn or drag'n drop on cdrom.exe (if your host is linux based, please compile and install Qemu and refer to its manual)

Once the fast boot sequence is completed, you can log in as root without password. You can then try out the nice features of dynamic applications using uClibc, and you can even compile C code inside it (samples provided in /root).

There is a mailing list now too to report bugs, suggestions and to discuss about its future. Feel free to join at !

Current features list:




2.6.21 + aufs + squashfs + no_clocksrc_warning


0.9.29 + readelf + ldd

busybox (not yet the latest, but works fine)


1.0.0 (tcc fork from Rob Landley, creating dynamic uclibc executables)