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DetaolB is a small size x86/uclibc distro, aimed mostly for emulators/virtualizers.

With this iso's size around 48Mb, you've a small yet functional desktop distro which can help developping C/C++ software or compiling the linux kernel. It can then self emulate with included qemu-0.9.0 ;-)

DetaolB v0.7 has been released 22,December 2007 on
=> detaolb_v07.iso

- c++ is now fully supported (this is what took most of the time)
- migration to uvesafb (works fine now on real hardware!)
- iso boots now using grub4dos (this is needed for usb boot)
- x11r72 was completely rebuilt (x11r73 does not work yet)
- rox file manager added
- possible to create a bootable usb key (I need to write a tutorial on this)
- network is supported inside a qemu guest: you still need to perform once "udhcpc"
- Rob Landley's fork of tinycc is back!
- dillo can be used for surfing once network is enabled
- many packages updated to the latest (like git and vim)
- CREDITS added (thanks to contributors!)
- foreign/custom keyboards will be in next release (sorry!)