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DetaolB aimed to be a "much-less-than-a-floppy" x86 linux live distro. Now, it's evolving more into "a-la-slax" type of distro.

DetaolB v0.3 is being released 14th,June 2007 on

- this is mostly a release with tons of added features
- this is mostly a proof of concept
- this is not a bugfix release
- your feedback will shape it into v1.0 someday, so please post
  at the DetaolB mailing list:

- it's bigger now: ~17Mb, but it's still smaller than slax-frodo :)
- you can still log using root with no password (this will change)
- kernel 2.6.21 with following patches...
  * acpi, ide/atapi drivers added
  * /proc/miniconfig.gz: main ideas from Rob Landley, need documentation
  * aufs: another unionfs
  * squashfs
  * lzma vmlinux: a great thanks to Ming Ching Tiew!
  * complete git patches released on
- still based on initramfs early userspace, now using switch_root
  * 1st phase is using a minimal static bbox
  * 2nd phase is mounting cdrom and 5 squashfs modules in aufs new root.
    This is a common scheme inspired by slax, yet simplified for speed.
  * 3rd phase is root switching and over to standard init phase
  * main drawback: changes to the rootfs are lost if you reboot. I've
    not figured out a smart way using initramfs+aufs+squashfs and
    access rootfs changes from RAM...
  * but it's still blazing fast even in qemu!
- 5 default squashfs modules are present and enabled
  * "barebone" is busybox-1.6.0 with rootfs config files + mksquashfs
  * "uclibc" is uClibc-0.9.29 + zlib
  * "ncurses" is ncurses-5.2, needed for uclibc/bbox/kernel compilation
  * "toolchain" is needed for C compilation
    + gcc-3.4.6
    + binutils-2.16.1
    + bash-3.2
    + bison-2.1
    + flex-2.5.33
    + make-3.81
    + misc. coreutils mandatory for uclibc/bbox/kernel compilation
  * "vim" is a full vim-7.1 installation
  * these modules were compiled using DetaolB v0.3, and config files
    for uclibc and busybox are inside /root
  * "git" is compiled but not included yet
- a 2.6.17 version of DetaolB v0.3 exist for colinux! it'll be
  available on demand, or will be released anyway at version 1.0

- use your favorite emulator: qemu, virtualbox, even vmplayer!
- you need to provide an hda image preformatted in ext2 if you want
  to work on a non-volatile area (busybox has no more ext2fs tools ??)
- boot it, do some compilation, enjoy it
- please note it has no network capabilities
- this distro is not meant for real hardware yet (but it will be soon)